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Casting a British TV show

Okay, I'm just starting a story about a young theater actor who gets cast in a modern, fairly successful British TV show. Unfortunately, I know very little about how TV show auditions usually go. The actor hears about the auditions from a friends who has already been cast, but when he shows up to the audition, would he have to sign in with somebody? Would they expect him to have prepared something to show, or would they want him to read from a script? If script, would they give him a few minutes to look over it before his turn, or would they just hand it to him and have him read it cold? What is the likely hood that the director would have the other actors there, to see how my actor works with them?
I realize the process is probably different for every show and every director, but just some generals would be really helpful. Also, the story is set in modern times and its a medium budget family TV show. How many people would you expect to turn up to an audition, if most of the parts have been cast, a few dozen? A hundred? A few hundred?
And for any Brits, is there a specific place where things like auditions happen in England (like English Hollywood)? I just assumed London, but I could be totally wrong. If London, in what area?
I already tried searching things about casting, but all I'm getting is the casting to particular shows, speculation about future casting and unhelpful things like that.
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