Juni (giveyoulife) wrote in little_details,

Marriage in Victorian Britain

I'm not sure how to Google this, really. I've done a few searches on arranged marriage in the period, but I'm not coming across anything that can answer my specific question.

The scenario: Character A has been proposed to by character B; as B is stupid wealthy and prestigious (whereas A is under the care of well off relatives, but the family doesn't have the best reputation (yes, it's a little Pride & Prejudice, I know)) A's family readily agrees to the marriage. A is not interested in marrying B in the slightest.

Is it at all plausible for them to get married, despite A's wishes to the contrary? (This is set in 1876, if that makes any difference.) A is not the sort of person to publicly humiliate him or anything, but it's well known within the family that this is not what she wants.

Thanks for your help!
Tags: 1870-1879, uk: history: victorian era, ~marriage
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