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When Google fails, I come here. :)

I'm looking for information on what a wedding ceremony in the 18th century would entail. The people are upper class, and it's taking place in the West Indies (This is for a PotC story I'm struggling with).

Google gave me a lot of links about women's rights, adultery, booking a genuine 18th century hotel for a 18th-century themed wedding, etc. What I'm actually looking for is what would have happened. Church or at home? Reception or no reception? Honeymoon or no honeymoon? What time of the day? Would the father have walked his daughter down the aisle, or is that a modern thing? Would there be a best man? Witnesses for signing a marriage contract? WOULD there be a contract?

I'd very much appreciate any websites you could point me at, or any information you could otherwise provide. Thanks in advance!

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