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Borzoi Sounds

Hello! Since y'all have always been such great . . . answerers . . . I have a question.

Basically, I've got a scene wherein a dog is angry and alarmed. This dog is, functionally, a Russian wolfhound/borzoi. A person the dog seriously dislikes - someone he has seen attack his caretaker and two of the other dogs he lives with - has just appeared on the property. The other dogs he lives with - different breeds - are barking, snarling, and growling, but, though loose, not attacking both because this intruder scares them and because they're well-trained dogs. So they're all kind of hanging back/circling, making noise.

Our borzoi-ish dog is mostly quite sedate, and I'm aware that borzoi are typically very quiet, mostly because that's all that comes up when you search things like, "borzoi bark." Many websites tell me that borzoi rarely bark, but none will tell me what it sounds like when they do. (Have tried various search combinations, including, "borzoi," "russian wolfhound," "growl," "snarl," "bark sound," "sounds," and so on.)

What would such a dog likely do? Using similar search terms (left out "sounds," of course, but tried "angry"), I couldn't find any pictures of snarling borzoi, either. Mostly, I'm wondering whether borzoi, being hounds, ever bay (found one website that seemed to refer to this, but it was unclear) or have any distinct sounds of aggression or warning. Would also love descriptions of angry-borzoi body language, especially if it differs from that of a typical angry dog.

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