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Sentra d'Winter

busted ribs and pregnacy issues

short summery: pregnant woman suffers chest trama before going into labour.

Setting: anybody familiar with the anime/manga one piece? deals with some gender-bending from that series....
i'm not really sure how to explain if for those not....

Searched: quite a variety of terms 'treatment for displaced rib fractures,' 'treatment for displaced rib fractures during pregnancy,' 'back pain during pregnancy,'
... i did find out quite a bit of neat things, but nothing on what i wanted....

19-20 year old woman is nine months pregnant. there is a fight, and she suffers from chest trama. She starts to go into labour, and is rushed away to safety. She delivers the baby and the doctors treat her for her injuries.

originally, i just wanted simple busted ribs, and the plan was to wrap them to heal, but her swollen breasts makes it to difficult to wrap.
-but then i found out that a study shows that wrapping ribs really doesn't do much, that it's better to just leave them be.
-So then I was thinking displaced rib fractures, but i couldn't find any information one how they are treated.

the question here is - what kind of chest trama would she have to have that her enlarged chest would be an issue when treating?
and then - what complications would there be from the aforementioned injury, and what would be their impact during childbirth?

and then, on scar tissue
Say she has an old, thick scar across her abdomen before she's pregnant. know, i know scars don't stretch, so what will happen to the area when she starts to fill out?

- this is my first item posting here - so if there is something i missed, or something that could make this post better, please, please let me know
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: broken bones, ~medicine: reproduction
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