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Graze gunshot wounds

First time posting here, so hopefully I get this right!

Setting: modern day; all over the world but with this specific scene in Israel

Searched: 'bullet wounds', 'gunshot wounds', 'gunshot wound grazing', 'graze gunshot wound', 'how much graze gunshot wounds bleed'. I learned how to identify what direction the bullet came from in graze gunshot wounds, but sadly not the answer to my question. I also looked back through all the past posts on gunshot wounds in this community.

My character is a 30 year old man in good health who gets grazed by a bullet on his upper arm, just below his shoulder. He's involved in a car chase situation, where both vehicles are traveling upwards of 70 mph. The shot comes from about 30 feet away from a handgun. He isn't driving; he's facing the shooters, so the shot would come from the front.

Now, from what I've gathered from previous posts in this community on the subject of graze wounds, this would hurt a lot, but not be incapacitating. Correct me if I'm wrong! My question is, how much would a wound like this bleed? Could he realistically hide that he'd been shot if he's wearing both a t-shirt and a sweater?

Thanks very much for any info, and please let me know if I can be more specific!

ETA: The car is modern, so it does have safety glass. And to be more specific about the situation, the character is kind of a cocky, go-it-alone type of guy, so he's trying to hide any and all injuries from the woman he's with. His t-shirt would have a hole in it from the bullet (I worded that sentence very poorly above), but he puts the sweater on afterward to cover it up, leaving it unbandaged for roughly an hour (until he thinks he can have the privacy to take care of it by himself).

Thanks for the comments!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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