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Scotish Highlands Highway Inn, aprox. 1975

Setting: Scotland/Scottish Highlands, 1976 (most likely, but definitely somewhere between 1975 and 1978).
Searches: "motels scotland 1970s" "scottish motel 1975" "inn scotland 1975" (apparently, for them British means only English)

I resorted to browsing/searching through the Yellow Pages website, but I realised quickly that the buildings I got looked too modern.

The idea and the factual part would like to coincide somewhere. Right now I'm just having trouble getting the factual part down.

Basically, I have a couple (male&female, teenagers of about 16-17, what would be a sort of middle class upbringing, but that is still up for debate and maybe not so important for my question) who are undergoing the equivalent of a road trip (of sorts) through the Scottish countryside. Their starting point is up north and quite secluded in the Scottish Highlands. Their trip lasts for about 3-4 days before they head back to their starting point. They make two stops in these 3-4 days.

Firstly, being very exhausted, they crash at a nondescript inn/motel and leave early again in the morning (it's a brief stop and they reach and depart from the inn/model while it's still dark or thereabouts out). The second stop, however, would mean they stay the night, spend the day, and then again the next night before departing/retracing their steps.

The issue that bugs me the most is that I want to really avoid making any factual mistakes especially regarding the year. I'd be very interested to know what such a locale would look like, how the staff would generally behave (also considering they have two unmarried teenagers on their hands who might or might not be a tad dodgy), what they would charge for one night, what they would serve as food/drink, and any other details regarding its appearance.

Also, I'm using inn/motel as a general term. By that I mean something that is quite small, with maybe 5-10 guests staying there at any one time. The less fancy, the better.

Links and/or pictures would be greatly appreciated.
Tags: 1970-1979, uk: scotland (misc), ~architecture

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