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17th century - scottish highlands

scottish highlands - 17th century - area: beauly and isle cárn bán

details requested, letters from the clan chiefs (fraser both branches), articles in papers (edinburgh, gatherings of highland chiefs that discussed what to do etc

hope this is clearer!


my story takes place in the years before the glorious revolution and i want to slowly start to prepare my characters, that something will happen - therefore i thought about them receiving formal letters or something - or that there are little riots starting all over the uk. my story basicly plays in the highlands, so whatever the heralds were - i need them to have taken place there.

so my question is . . .
what time did the glorious revolution actually start - i mean there is an official year 1689, but these things don't just happen. they usually start slowly and all sort of things that happen in advance cause it . . . can someone maybe give me a few examples of the heralds. maybe even letters of that time in which they pick sides (best is if they take sides for king james).
Tags: 1600-1699, uk: scotland: history

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