SERIOUS FEMININE DERANGEMENT (woodburner) wrote in little_details,

A very simple but rather... gory question...

There's some detail I need to flesh out in a story where my main character is a werewolf. Basically, I just need to know how living flesh - human especially - would feel if you just chomped a hunk of it. How does the skin tear, and does the meat come away like in layers, as it does when I eat cooked chicken, or in a more messy hunk? How would the meat feel in the mouth? How about the skin, what textures/tastes/ect would that have being churned around in one's mouth?

Keep in mind here I'm actually talking about from a human pov - Jaron doesn't know he's a werewolf yet, and when in danger sometimes acts on instincts that are rather... strange. But that means I'm not talking about a mouth full of super-sharp teeth and an extended jaw, I'm talking about just a human mouth that's a bit better at chomping on a living, struggling creature than it probably should be.

I hope you guys can help me, but if you can, I really, really don't want to know how you know these things. =P

(Btw, if anyone happens to be bored or curious enough to want to read the first chapter, it is posted here: liminalhorizons)

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