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Sheriff uniforms, 40s and 50s

Trying to find out if a small- 2 to 6 person sheriff's department in a small town in Washington state in the late 40s or early 50s would always wear an official uniform. I'd like to have them wear regular clothes and have it not be too weird.
Searched Combination of: Sheriff, uniform, 40s, 50s, small town
What I found so far:
In uniform in CA, in 40s, 50s
indicates that in the 20s and 30s, when the dept. was smaller, they didn’t really wear uniforms, also, in the group pics with uniforms, there are some not in uniforms- possibly the guys in charge?
In uniform in the 50s
(I couldn't tell from the posting rules if I should tag this or if that would be confusing)
(it's also my 1st post, so please let me know if I've done anything wrong/less than optimally)

Thank you!
Tags: 1940-1949, 1950-1959, usa: california, usa: government: law enforcement (misc), ~clothing

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