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University admission and A levels in England

So, I think I understand A levels enough to write about them in passing. But I can't make sense of a couple of, well, little details:

-do you take three "classes" each term (around 4-5 months) or is it for the full year?

-how many A levels does one normally take? I know three is typically required for university, but is it extremely exceptional for students to take more than three?

-what would be a doable but somewhat difficult amount for someone to take?

-when do most people actually start university? It says in a few places online most people stay in sixth form until they're 19; would starting a few days after one's 18th birthday be considered relatively early, or is that the norm?

character in question is a seventeen-year-old who is tired and stressed. I need her to show that she's somewhat gifted, and I'd like her to feel like she's starting school a year too early. Any thoughts on this? I'm completely overwhelmed!

I read five or six different wikipedia articles and googled around a little, but honestly I'm not sure how to google "how many A levels can I give my seventeen-year-old to make her cranky?" or "would this make my character feel like a freak?", lol. Seriously, any help is appreciated! The UK school system is so different from ours, and I really don't understand ours that well to start with, so... yikes! Thanks in advance.

Also, forgot to ask: Would a public school student (i.e. privately paying) wear a school uniform in sixth form? Thanks!
Tags: uk: education
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