I could be the Alice to your wonderland. (necropalice) wrote in little_details,
I could be the Alice to your wonderland.

Sniffer dogs.

Context: Unbeknownst to them, a group of students adopt a sniffer-dog trained to search out human remains and/or human blood. He's never allowed in the living room, but when he is permitted entry, he always pauses at a particular spot.

This is only a really thin thread of my plot, used to tie together some of the major themes/plot points, so I won't dedicate a huge chunk of my word-count to it... but I do need it to be plausible.

After giving up my search and texting AQA, I found labradors, collies and golden retrievers are the breeds commonly used to sniff out human remains/blood.

When police trained, what are these specific breeds like as pets? Affectionate? Is the above situation likely? Would the dog stop each time, or just once, or not at all without his trainer present?

Setting: Contemporary Cheshire, UK.

Research: I've posted to a few other communities, with no luck, text AQA for the basic info and have Googled various combinations of 'sniffer dog', 'police dog', 'dead bodies', 'blood', 'retired', 'ex-', 'collie', 'labrador' and 'golden retriever'.
Tags: ~animals (misc), ~animals: pets, ~forensics: corpses
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