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Details needed re: Gun Shot Wounds

Hello everybody!

First-time poster here, directed to you via the power of Twitter. So glad I found you.

To get right to the point: I am working on (or rather, working up to) a scene wherein one character shoots another with a pistol, and am having trouble getting details right, both in terms of the physical and mental impact of the shot and the kind of weapon the shooter is liable to have access to. This is super-detailed, so my apologies; I just want to make sure I don't get any details wrong and I am kind of intimidated by what I do not know. If you can either point me to good resources or outright explain some of these to me, I would greatly appreciate it:

Type of Firearm: The shooter is using a handgun which he procured in either California or Nevada; which is available for under a thousand dollars (including a couple boxes of ammo); and which can be concealed in a jacket without attracting any attention on the street. Said character is not experienced with firearms or concealing them, so that may be a factor in what he can be expected to hide.

Physical Impact: The actual plan for the shot is that the shooter is intending to kill his target (who is sitting down in front of him, immobilized, in case that matters), but gets jolted by intervention from another character into delivering a non-fatal shot. But I don't "non-fatal" to mean "a graze"; I actually want the character to have long-term physical effects from the gunshot to show how seriously close to death they came. Any suggested target area and resultant damage you can provide would be excellent: does it bruise, is the character liable to be thrown forward by the impact, etc.

Mental Impact: Also, how do people who are shot react? Are they really not in much pain at first? Will they be able to get themselves out of the area once the shooter is subdued, or will they need assistance? What stage of shock does that tend to put a person into? And is it true that doctors always call the police when someone is admitted with a gunshot wound?

I have plenty more, but I would go on forever if I let myself; so I'll end here and say, thank you!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds, ~weapons: firearms

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