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Residence of rich crazy early 20th century woman?

Years are 1915-1923, location is probably near New York. No idea how to search this, though--it's more of a social feel thing.

Sorry about all the posts lately, Phillipa is *insisting* on being figured out.

If I'm making any incorrect/unlikely assumptions here, please let me know. Other than about Victoria's actions, I know she's acting atypically. And please let me know if there's anything I need to tweak to make it so that Our Heroine can live with her mother until the death of same when she's 8.

So. Our Heroine, Phillipa, is the bastard daughter of the youngest daughter (Victoria, who is possibly slightly crazy) of a wealthy steel magnate, John. I'm assuming that the family lives in New York, with a place in New York City itself and a summer home on the Hudson (my grandmother assures me people did this). They likely also have other properties scattered about.

When Victoria (who concealed her pregnancy in the early stages) publicly reveals herself to be very pregnant, insists on keeping the child, cannot locate the child's father (who is actually a god, possibly Odin), and refuses to marry anyone else, I'm assuming John has about 4 options. 1, disinherit his pregnant daughter and kick her out to fend for herself (and she has no real marketable skills, and is possibly a bit insane). 2, openly have his bastard granddaughter living with him, which would have been a *profound* social embarrassment at the time afaik. 3, drive his slightly unstable daughter into becoming full-on batshit crazy by trying to either take away Phillipa (though Victoria was 18 when Phillipa was conceived, so I don't know if he legally could) or force Victoria to marry someone besides her beloved (who won't be coming back, unbeknownst to her, as he has god-ing to do) (also, likewise on the legality)--probably also a major social liability (at the time, crazy was considered a mark of poor parenting or whatever, right?). Or, 4. find some secluded, but adequately well-appointed place to stash Victoria and Phillipa until something more satisfactory can be arranged.

I need him to pick 4 (well, or 2, but 2 is pretty unlikely in that time frame). But where would/could someone like John *hide* the family embarrassment? During the winter, the family's summer home would work, but during the summer, all of the other "quality" families would be in the area, too, so no dice. Ideally it should be somewhere close enough that John and his wife *can* visit, but far enough away to maintain the appropriate polite social fictions.

Any ideas? (also, any good (preferably internet) general sources on the social climate and so forth of the era, so I can stop bugging y'all about Phillipa's childhood?)

After Victoria dies, he sends Phillipa off to boarding school and such, which is *much* simpler.
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