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Enemies of the state in Revolutionary France

1. I know that members of the First and Second Estates were seen as enemies of the state in France during that time, but what would constitute an arrest and subsequent execution? (For reference, this character died during the Reign of Terror -- late 1793 -- and all I've got is that she "spoke out" against the revolution and showed public support for the monarchy. I didn't know if this merited an execution).

2. Seeing as this character is a married woman, would they also arrest her husband as well? He was quiet on the whole subject of the revolution and didn't show any favouritism towards either side, so I don't know -- I assumed they'd throw his wife in prison for a bit but leave him be.

3. Would anyone happen to know how an execution took place? Like, was there some kind of speech detailing a person's crimes beforehand, or did they just place them under the guillotine and slice their heads off? And were these executions public? (I'm assuming they were).

4. This is just plain curiosity, but would Robespierre or any of the Committee of Public safety members be there at an execution?
Tags: france: history

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