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Campy Heroes and Quebec

The title pretty much says it all story wise. I write very complex stories.

1) French abbreviations, is le [la] used in french abbreviations?, rules for l'a french, L'Association des Héros Quebecois
2) French villain, French villains, Generic French villain names, Cheesy [camp] French villains, evil French names

- "L'Association des Héros Quebecois" Is this grossly incorrect? Also would it be possible that it might be abbreviated as LHQ or would it be AHQ? Is le/la left out of titles? I looked and it looks like it, but I know in English sometimes we leave in the 'the' in abbreviations and sometimes we don't so I wasn't sure.

- What would be a totally cheesy name for a villain in French? Like "Major Doom" level of terrible? I searched but all I could find was the names of villains who were French in English comics/shows/movies and the names seemed kind of off.
Tags: canada (misc), ~languages: french
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