brigittebod (brigittebod) wrote in little_details,

Saturn-like planet + satellite

I want to set my alien civilisation on the satellite of a planet similar to Saturn, rings and all. Think Titan in tems of size, tilt, etc. I need to know what to expect in terms of days/years. I mean, how would an observer on the satellite's surface percieve a revolution of the satellite around the planet and a revolution of the planet around the sun? Assuming the satellite has a synchronous orbit, how would that factor in?

I tried googling various combinations of Titan, habitability, colonization, living on Titan's surface, etc. I got a lot of articles on the possibility or not of mining on Titan, the composition of the atmosphere, the difficulty of getting pictures of the surface, etc, but nothing about what I need.

Can anyone point my towards a good article, or, hell, a novel?
Tags: ~science: astronomy
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