Major Fischer (freifraufischer) wrote in little_details,
Major Fischer

How would salt flats react to blood. A lot of it.

I need to know how a natural salt flat might react to a great deal of blood after a gunfight, where something like a dozen or twenty people are killed and left to bleed out. What would the blood do to the salt and would it linger in the salt for a few days or a few weeks.


The setting is the Salar de Uyuni of Bolivia, in the immediate future. The weapons used would likely be standard military assault weapons in possession of a Latin American military.


I was a geologist by training so I have looked at the way salt responds to liquid, but most of what I can find in my text books has to do with water and in particular flowing water. Most of it to be frank is based on my knowledge of petroleum geology ... which was never my specialty (not to mention very rusty) and relates mostly to water in salt domes, not salt flats. I am mostly concerned about the relative viscosity of blood to water... and the relatively small amounts of blood compared to the amount of water that the geology sources I'm looking at refer to.

I've google searched but as you can imagine, searches for blood and salt come up with health information no matter how many qualifiers I try to put around the salt. I've looked also using google for possible information from accident discriptions at Bonneville Salt Flats, but those have been quite a bit less gory in their descriptives than to talk about the subject.
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