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Police Procedure, anyone?

Searched: Police procedures, sixties police procedures, police procedures homicide
Setting: 1960s Margate

Basically, I'm writing a fanfic crossover in which my MC wakes up one morning to find his own dead body next to him, despite the fact that, a few injuries aside, he appears to be perfectly fine (he'll later find out that he's impervious to X-Rays, and that electricity is a big no-no for him). The police arrive, arrest him and an ambulance carts the corpse off to hospital.

What I'm looking for is anything that would give me an idea as to how they would have dealt with what is a really rather odd homicide case. I've got the basics of post-arrest procedures that are followed by police in England today, but I can't find anything that gives me an idea as to how and when this has changed, and thus what would have been done 40-50 years ago. Would he have been interrogated immediately? Given a lawyer? Would a friend be allowed to bail him out, and how could strings be pulled by the lawyer (if allowed) to help with this?

Also, if there's anything I should bear in mind when drawing out some (admittedly sketchy) descriptions of 1960s Margate and London aside from the downright obvious, do let me know.
Tags: 1960-1969, uk: government: law enforcement

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