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blast radius of dynamite

This is probably an easy question to answer, but my googles of "blast radius of dynamite" and combinations of the above words have turned up either nothing (even wikipedia had not much more than chemical makeup and history of manufacture and use), or the blast radius of dynamite in any of a million and one games in which it appears, but no real life information.

I have four giant steam powered mechanical cats situated across the top of a stair going into a building. I can adjust their positions however is necessary to make the scene work. The cat's engines are still warming up, and the characters have placed sticks of dynamite in their mouths to blow them up, hopefully before they finish heating up and activate. Of course, at least one is to survive this, and attack the characters, because there'd be no point in throwing giant mechanical steam cats in a story if they weren't going to come to life and kill something. So I want to know how far apart I'd need to have them, for two sticks of dynamite in the mouth of one not to destroy the next one beside it, or trigger the next one's dynamite to go off.

Again, I can move them as far apart as need be.
Tags: ~explosive & explosions

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