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Development of Hebephrenia

So... I've got a hebephrenic character. As of now his symptoms aren't very severe as the disease has begun recently, but I plan to show him in the future, with the disease more developed - about 5-6 years from the start. The guy has received no treatment at all.

And, well, there my problems start.. Many sources of information I've come across contradict eachother or are very imprecise. I'd like to know the following things:

- Would it be possible to interact with the patient? I've read that after longer time without treatment, they would become completely demented. Other source has stated that the disease vanishes after puberty, but that seems really strange to me.
- Would the disease have any impact outside of mental health? I've read that the patient has got a constant fever and theyr'e prone to infections of any kind. Why would that happen?
- I've read that the patient's behaviour becomes aimless and "empty of purpose" and that they don't have much determination for anything. To what extent? What would a 'typical' hebephreniac's day look like? Let's say they live in a large house in the coutry, with one person to take care of them at most.

Tried searching for: many variants of 'disorganised schizophrenia' and 'hebephrenia', both in English and my native language.
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry: schizophrenia

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