Wrath (twilit_wrath) wrote in little_details,

Gender roles in primitive society

A friend of mine told me something that seems like it could make an awesome story. Apparently, in some primitive societies, you could choose whether you would be a man or woman once you came of age, and that's how everyone would treat you. He's a history major, so I know he's not completely making this up. But I'd like to fact check it and get the details, make sure he wasn't mistaken or misremembering.

The problem is, I have no idea where to begin Googling for information. I can find plenty on gender roles, mind you, just not this specifically. I don't know what century he's talking about or which societies. If there's anyone else out there who knows anything about this subject, could you help me out with some search terms? I am completely stumped.

Thanks in advance.
Tags: history (misc), ~worldbuilding

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