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Effects of bad cocaine?

So, I have a character I need to kill.

I want him to die not necessarily of an overdose, but from taking "bad" cocaine--it's important that the police are looking for the person who sold it to him.

Basically, what I want to happen is this:

Character A takes cocaine at a party. It's held in a basement, and enough crazy shit is going on that people just assume he's passed out and he gets forgotten downstairs. Everyone else goes upstairs and they forget about him; the next day Character B comes down to the basement and finds the body.

My questions are thus:

1) What would A's reaction to bad cocaine have been? What would that death have actually looked like?

2) What would the body look like the next day? Would there be vomit, feces, etc?

3) Is the only thing cocaine can be contaminated with levamisole? Would that have the same gory after-effects of an overdose/would it take effect that quickly? Or do I need to have him overdose?

4) What would the typical recreational drug user/addict's defense of cocaine be? At some point a group of A's friends are confronted with an outsider telling them that this happened because they are drug users, and that every time they take cocaine, they take their lives into their hands, etc. What rationalizations (because I'm sure they exist) can be made to isolate the death, so it remains acceptable for them to use cocaine?

Googled: effects of bad cocaine, effects of levamisole in cocaine, what is bad cocaine?
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