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Gunshot Wounds, recovery and aftermath??

i have read some of the posts regarding this subject, a lot of information did help me, but i need to know more, so pleasssssseee help me...

I am writing a novel and my character is going to get shot three times. She is in her early thirties (late twenties) athletic and healthy. She was first shot in her upper thigh, with a 9mm close range (5ft) no artery was raptured or bone, the bullet stabilized in the muscle, she was conscious and managed to run away.
1) Is it possible? close range and no further complications?

Then another two bullets where fired (40fts away) one hit her shoulder causing a broken clavicle bone, no artery though. the other one in the upper chest (3ichs away from the shoulder wound) broke a rib which ruptured the lung.
she fell on the ground, gasping for air, when her military parter arrives to scene, he managed to get an airway for the damaged lung (i don't know the name of the presedure where he makes a whole in the lung to refill it) i would assume she will be in shock, but will she be conscious?

She had the surgeries and no complications were found. she will be on the vent (correct?) the recovery timetable, i can use some help there.

According to what i know, she'll need to use a wheelchair for the leg, a string for the shoulder and chest, and time in hospital for a month maybe (please correct me) and another month for physical therapy?? i don't think its enough for FULL recovery but its enough for her to walk and go back to work? (please correct me) and the pain?
2)Will there be a chronic pain? for how long? what kind of painkillers she could be on?
3)Will she use a cane at first?

thank you very much i appreciate it.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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