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severe complications due to hyperthermia

I have a character who, through non-natural means, is experiencing hyperthermia, as his body temperature slowly but steadily rises. I feel like I've got a pretty decent handle on the basic initial symptoms, but he will be ill to within an inch of his life, and what I *can't* seem to find out is what happens once a person experiencing this loses consciousness. I understand that organ failure is an issue, but I'd like more details on this. I do have something in mind as regards permanent effects of the illness (and I don't mind wrangling the facts a little to get there), but at the moment I'm more concerned to know if after he drops into a coma his internal organs will soon be completely shot or not, as that would certainly put a crimp in the rest of the story. (If necessary I can adjust things a little, as his condition is unnatural to begin with.)

Have checked the community memories and tags, as well as researching 'fever' and 'hyperthermia' on Wikipedia, and googling 'extreme complications of hyperthermia' and 'hyperthermia'. Lots of basic info; not much about the more dire consequences, unless it was in medical jargon that flew completely over my head so that I missed it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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