KT Coope (kt_coope) wrote in little_details,
KT Coope

Computer/Virus/Net questions

Trying to fill out the background of my cyberpunk setting, and seeing as I want the structure of the net to be rather different to the real one. (the one in the story being a very paranoid and restrictive, although a secondary net similar to the current one is also functioning between freethinkers... well, when enough of it is fuctioning at least. That's generally seperate from commerse and so on though.) Becuase of the major changes in the system, including ones a lot of users would go 'HELL NO' about if it was an optional change... it occured to me the best way of doing this would be the full scale destruction of the entire internet, using a very prolific and destructive set of viruses that pretty much nukes any computer that had been connected to the net, and gets into most of the backups as well becuase of it's gestation period, all versions triggering symultaneously. That way the new system would be instigated by the major monopoly holders while everything was being rebuilt. Now, the questions that are bugging me...

1) What would be the most effective thing to permentantly destroy the data from the servers? I read somewhere about a virus that destroys sector 0 on the hard disk and effectively renders the whole thing useless but I'm not l33t enough to know if that's right or not. If possible, I'd like a version that if you DO somehow manage to recover your computer, the virus is still there, having affected backups you've made as well as ingrained into the disc itself. This thing pretty much resulted in people having to buy new computers (Or at least do SERIOUS work to them) so the more damaging the better.

2) On a similar note, would it be possible to make a virus that overclocks your system so much it burns itself out? Assume the programmer had a complete knowledge of the working of the major OS in use at the time, as I think the virus probably originated from a company employee. This would be used in the new system as a hacker deterrent as well if possible. (Though obviously most of them would know enough to have protection from this.)

3) What things would escape from a symultaneous full scale internet smiting? I assume things like the banks and stockmarket are going to be fragged, as well as countless buisnesses, but what about things like airport controls? Would these be completely seperate from the net, or would we end up with planes falling out of the sky? Are there any other especially important effects that are going to stem from this?

4) How long would be a sensible time to allow for the economy to drag itself back to life, with the new softwares in place, and new internet subcultures back in place? I'm leaning towards around 30 years as it's something people know about but don't feel so effected by any more. Though I'm worried this might be too little time...

Thanks in advance!

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