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French names in Canada, modern day

I have a character who is mid 30s/40s, male, Canadian. The story is set in 2100-2150 or so. So, not-so-distant-future. He's from Quebec and his first language is French. I am very torn about what to name him!

I'd like his name and last name to signal his French background, if possible. I've sort of been in love with the Jean-Something construction, but:
1. I don't know which Jean-X names are/aren't currently in fashion in Canada and which you'd expect to find in someone 100 years in the future (probably whichever names sound horridly old fashioned now).
2. Since he's going to be referred to by his first name by the other characters, whichever name I pick I'd also need to know how French speakers would shorten it (if at all) and how English speakers would shorten it, assuming non Francophone Canadians or Americans.

My research has turned up that men named Jean-Pierre or Jean-Francois sometimes go by J-P/J-F but in that case I'd also like to know how that's pronounced. Would they introduce themselves as "JP Lastname"? Would French speakers pronounce the letters in French and English speakers in English?

Finally, failing the Jean-X thing, my backup option is Mischel. I've known a few Mischels in my time but none of them were Canadian so I don't know how popular the name is in Canada.

googled: canada boy names common, french boy names, jean (wiki)

Thank you for your help!
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