Bastian (jadeprince) wrote in little_details,

Anti-gay Bullying in Japanese high schools?

Believe it or not, this is a very hard thing to google for! I've tried all manner of combinations of "gay/homosexual"+"Japan/Japanese"+"school"+"bullying/harassment/teasing/etc." i.e. "Homosexuality in Japanese schools", "Gay bullying school japan", "harassment in Japanese school", etc. etc. but I keep turning up blanks (or links for yaoi manga, *sigh*).

Basically, I know that affectionate interaction between boys in high school is not unusual and there are plenty of common behaviors that in the US would raise red flags which don't even turn a head in Japan. But say someone started a malicious rumor or KNEW that a kid was gay. What sorts of things would bullies do to that kid? What would they say? How would they go about bullying a kid they knew was gay? Once it got out that a kid was gay, how would other students as a whole react to them? Avoidance? Would they just ignore it? Subtle teasing or non-so-subtle? What about teachers? Would they defend the gay kid, ignore it, join in?

I was hoping to find actual stories/accounts of personal experiences, but my google-fu has failed me. I looked back through the tags of the community too, but didn't find anything applicable.

(Just out of curiosity (as I haven't actually done the google research for this), what sorts of things have you seen/heard in/about other countries? UK? China? Italy? Anywhere else?)

Thanks so much! Love this comm. :)
Tags: japan: education, ~bullying, ~homosexuality (misc)

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