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Purple/Violet Eyes!

Googled: medical conditions: violet purple eyes; violet eyes, natural violet eyes

Setting: Present day, America

Issue: I have a character with purple eyes. She’s had purple eyes since the story was first forming in my head, and I am loathe to change them to another color. Will if I have to, but there may be tears. And slight Plot Holes, as her purple eyes are sort of necessary to a few plot points.

I understand that purple eyes are RIDICULOUSLY rare, but that they do occasionally happen. I’m wondering if there are medical conditions (besides albinism) or any medications that can cause purple eyes. If anyone could give some google-able terms or even links, I'd be super appreciative.

Pretty much anything will help. Thanks!

PS: I’ve heard that while Elizabeth Taylor did have purple-hued eyes, they were caused by medical problems as a child. Any truth in this?
Tags: ~medicine: ophthalmology & optometry, ~science: biology: genetics

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