MJ (kiwiana) wrote in little_details,

Schizophreniform disorder (I think)

Setting: present-day USA.

I have a character who witnessed and experienced a horrific event that killed her signifigant other, and has had a complete breakdown as a result. She's fabricated her entire history with her SO to the point where she is convinced that her fabrication is reality.

For the purposes of the story, I need her to be in a psychiatric hospital. I would prefer her to be largely catatonic, but I'd rather work around the disorder than change details to suit me, obviously :)

Google-fu tells me that this would be Schizophreniform disorder, although I'm not entirely sure. So my questions are:
1) Is this Schizophreniform disorder?
2) If not, what would be the correct medical diagnosis?
3) Is there anything else I need to know (how she would be treated, etc) that Wikipedia can't tell me? Links to medical sites and so forth would be greatly appreciated :)
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)

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