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Cheering for Football & Baseball teams in NYC in the 1960's

Where: Commack (Long Island), New York. US
When: Main Character was born in the mid-1950's to Italian-American family. Story takes place in 1985.
Situation: Main character is having a conversation with a colleague from Chicago about sports teams that they cheered for as kids.

My character was born in the mid-1950s and lived in Commack, NY until he was 18. Would he have been a fan of the New York Giants football team, even if they had didn't make the playoffs from 1964 to 1980? Or would he have been a Jets (Titans of New York) fan even though the team didn't exist until 1960?

What about baseball? In the late 1950's, both the NY Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers moved out West. The NY Mets didn't actually start playing until 1962. Would he become by default, a Yankees fan?

From my research, I know that a Yankeets/Jets fan is a rare combination, since the Jets and the Mets are considered more of the "working class" teams.

As far as my Chicagoan, I know that North Siders are generally Cubs fans and South Siders are generally Sox fans. If my MC lived in Philly, it wouldn't have been a problem either.

Research: I checked the tags for 1960s, sports, new york;; Wikipedia: NY Giants, NY Yankees, NY Jets, NY Giants, Brooklyn Dodgers. Google: sports teams in NYC, traditional fans. Other: fan blogs, etc.
Tags: 1960-1969, usa: new york: new york city, ~sports (misc)

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