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Travelling by foot: approximate time?

Alright, so.

Current event summery: Apocalypse is being had. A gifted priest and a demon travel from Japan to Israel and along their way aid those who need to get to sanctuary points and spread Word. They've made it through China and just hit Long Son, Vietnam. The next sanctuary point is St Josephs Cathedral in Hanoi. There's a small school that has been kept together under the protection of a passed Matyre. Within are a little over thirty children and a few parents who, unlike other times have not been found by another guiding angel and need to be taken from Long Son to Hanoi.

Requested information: What is the general distance between Long Son and Hanoi and how long would it take to walk it? Minding that there are children, shit's flying everywhere, everything is in a fighting messy chaos, fire, doom, etc.

Googled: Looked up, or tried to, distance between Lang Son and Hanoi. And failed. I found some blogs though that said it took two days or so biking. I am denser than a block when it comes to Atlases and reading the distance ratio but I think it's about 100Miles. Also, my friend said that it's about 5H's on a train. Not sure what his sources are on that one, but.

I think a reasonable guess would be a week, or somewhere around there. I'd like a little more input on this decision, however.

Thanks in advanced peeps.
Tags: vietnam (misc), ~travel: pre-modern overland

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