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S Lynn

Nurse's medical training vs. a doctor's?

I have a character in a modern setting who is trained as a nurse, but has been hired to fill the medical-officer's position on a small special-ops team. It would be helpful to know what, specifically, would be different in her training and medical knowledge-base vis-a-vis what one would expect of someone who had trained to qualify as a doctor.

She is by and large not actually working with living patients in this position (it's a Torchwood fic, the medical officer's main duty is dissecting dead aliens so it's not like they're gonna sue if she's learning on the job), but there will be moments when she's also called on to serve as a field medic, and I'm not quite sure where her "right, off to hospital with you" breakpoint is going to be in relation to the injuries/conditions her predecessor was capable of treating on-site. She does have the advantage that said predecessor hasn't, um, actually left, as such, and would be available to advise and talk her through procedures she may not have the exact skills for, if they're close enough to the range of what she may be trained for/capable of -- setting bones? Minor sutures? What does she know, and what does she know that she doesn't know and needs to outsource? It's the gap between the two specializations that I see as a potential source of plot-points, and I'm not quite sure how to even begin Googling that...
Tags: ~medicine: medical education

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