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Comprehensive healing timeline following a beating

Googled: 'healing time after beating/strapping', 'skin abrasions, healing time', 'lashing, aftercare'

I've also scoured the archives of the community, and while I found several helpful posts on the kinds of injuries I'm writing about, including one asking almost the exact same question, none of the answers gave a comprehensive time frame.

My MC (17 and small for his age) runs away from home following a severe beating by his father. He was beaten with a leather belt (including the buckle side), mostly on his back, so he's got scratches/track marks, raised welts and bruising. His wounds have been dressed by his mother before he leaves, and he is invited to squat with a friend who helps him with aftercare, changing the dressing, etc.

How long will he be laid up for? Will he be lying in bed for a few days, or be able to move around very soon? I'm assuming the pain will improve enough for him to be up and about before the cosmetic damage (fading bruises and scabs) does?

Thanks so much!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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