Kya (pinkpapyrus) wrote in little_details,

Theoretical History Art

Would anyone happen to know where to find theoretical history art? I have fourth century Greece and Macedonia in mind for settings, so I'd like to look at recreations/conceptualizations. Temples, statues, streets, roads, markets, rural locations - anything!

I've tried browsing Google, but I haven't come up with an adequate term for what I'm looking for, and so the best I've found is the University of Virginia's recreation of Rome and a few conceptual paintings of the Seven Wonders.

Also appreciated would be any current portraits of Alexander the Great (artwork done in the last century and preferably not based on Colin Farrell).

Thank you all in advance!

ETA: Sorry, everyone! I forgot to clarify something. It's fourth century BC, not AD! I forgot that such things are, ahem, somewhat relevant in antiquity.
Tags: greece: history, ~architecture

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