sexycazzy (sexycazzy) wrote in little_details,

Leg injury - is it possible to make love?

Hi, everyone. My first time here - so hopefully, my question doesn't offend anyone.

I'm writing a Stargate Universe Young/Scott fic story which is a NC-17 story.

On the show, at the moment, Young has a leg injury which is getting better, but not 100% better (from short term paralysis being caused by the concussion - I think) from when he was thrown across the room from the stargate.

So, I was wondering how Scott  (male) would make love to Young while he still has a leg injury? How much would it hurt? What is the best position for know,,,to?


Edited: Thank you all for your wonderful help! It seems that pillows is the way to go! Thanks, again! ::))
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~sex

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