preparing for when the velociraptors come (calicokat) wrote in little_details,
preparing for when the velociraptors come

A question about life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I'm writing NaNo, like half the world at the moment, and I was wondering if anybody could offer some details about housing in Milwaukee, Wisconson. For example, in Birmingham, where I grew up, there are suburbs of various demographics and, if you live downtown, you may either live in apartments or in the Five Points South district where you'll probably own a small house or a house broken up into apartments that's very close to your neighbor's houses, a narrow two story building with a little backyard space. I currently live in a similar area in Atlanta, Georgia but one not quite as close to the city center.

I was hoping there was an area something like that in Milwaukee, and was curious what schools might be attached to it or if it's all apartments. I'm looking at Milwaukee area home and apartment rentals but since I don't know the area I'm not sure what houses go where. And, if the setup of Milwaukee is totally different from any Southern cities that'd be good to know, too! (I could just set the thing in B'ham but I imagined the setting with snow and ended up sussing out Milwaukee. I've always enjoyed learning about new places by writing about them but I'd like to narrow down my googling a little.)
Tags: usa: wisconsin

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