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you were made for this

Civilian life in Jaffa? (Crusades)

When: 1191
Where: Jaffa, Palestine
Main character: A fifteen-year-old girl (background characters include an ill mother and three younger siblings)

My character is living in Jaffa when the Crusaders take it. What I want to know is, what effect would the occupation have on her and her family? Her father's a merchant, so I'm guessing that his business would be interupted; both of her older (half-)brothers are in Saladin's army, so if the Crusade army found that out, they might not be kindly disposed towards the family. Would they have any direct contact with the Crusaders? What restrictions, if any, would be placed on their movement?

Searched: Jaffa, Battle of Jaffa, Third Crusade, medieval life in jaffa
Read: Daily Life in the Medieval Islamic World, A History of the Arab Peoples, The Crusades: Islamic Perspectives
Tags: 1100-1199, history (misc), ~middle ages

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