MamaCheshire (cheshire23) wrote in little_details,

Shift schedules of a junior corrections officer

Where and when: Upstate New York (Mohawk Correctional Facility, to be precise), 1990.

I have searched: Google with variants on "correction officer schedule New York" (which got me payroll information), "correction officer shift New York 1990" etc. Also looked around on the DOCS page for New York state.

What I need to know: My MC is dating a guy who just started working as a corrections officer for Mohawk Correctional Facility. He was assigned there after completing the training school program. Basically, when is the guy likely to be at work or not at work? I don't need tons of nitty gritty on the job itself or anything, just the sort of times he'd be on and off duty and how much that would change once he became more established in his career.
Tags: 1990-1999, usa: government: prison, usa: new york (misc)

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