Kevin Phillips Bonnnnng (SS-TX) (gallo_de_pelea) wrote in little_details,
Kevin Phillips Bonnnnng (SS-TX)

Quick question about tattoo artists

Okay, I've found articles on apprenticeships on bmezine, etc., but for some reason none of them have yet covered his tidbit:

Would a veteran tattoo artist allow a shop rat-turning-newbie apprentice to sit and observe while he worked on really elaborate pieces? (Assuming it's in a non-private area of the customer's body, that is.)

I don't know if there's a privacy / job-specific etiquette / rank issue here, or if observation is routine. If it makes a difference, the veteran artist wouldn't mind being watched, though he knows the apprentice is years away from doing similar work.

eta: thanks everybody!
Tags: ~body modification: tattoos

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