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asylums and crazies oh my

While I think the 'psychology & psychiatry' tag has more than enough information on actual psychological disorders I might want to use in my story, my question is a more technical one, relating to the actual practice: how would a fresh psychology doctorate (completed a Ph. D and the minimum of required clinical training, but no direct practice) set about getting herself employed at an asylum for the criminally insane? Is it even proper to call them that, or has a more politically correct term come into vogue?

I'm primarily interested in how the typical process of becoming employed at such a facility goes-- I assume that there's an interview process and that there's a more favorable chance of being hired a such an institution if one has a recommendation from a senior member of the faculty. Beyond that, however, I have little idea of how it goes-- not even what daily life for a doctor in an asylum might be like. Is there a pecking order? Is there some unspoken rule about how long they should be in residence before they're allowed to work with the patients? How many patients would they be expected to work with?

The setting is modern-day, incidentally, though I wouldn't mind historic references on the subject as well. The asylum's a well-kept, private facility-- naturally, of course, the plot hinges on how not everything is what it seems.

tl;dr: How would fresh doctorate [apply/get accepted] for a position at a ward for the criminally insane, and what would his/her daily life at such an institution be like? I'd appreciate any information that could be thrown my way-- even recommendations on testimonies/memoirs/fictional stories that could shed more light on the subject. /o/

ETA: Answered! Thank you! :D
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry (misc), ~psychology & psychiatry: institutions

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