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Fishing tackle - rod and reel


Setting: 1990s suburban California, Bay Area, but the object in question is at least 20 years older in America. No alternative universe.
Research attempts: Googled variations of "antique/vintage/classic fishing tackle/rod/reel"

Unfortunately, I don't fish. What I know about fishing, Wikipedia told me. Here's the story: I want to create an item that would have sentimental value to its owner - an object that is part of the owner's childhood (in America in say, the 50s-60s) or relationship with his father, but an antique hunter/collector sees it as having great, if not monetary than historical, value.

(Incidentally, if anyone has a better suggestion as to what item that should be, I'd love to hear it!)

I decided on a fishing rod. I have 2 questions: 1) to fulfill the description of the item I gave up there, would the rod or the reel be a better choice? 2) What brand/make/model would you suggest? It can totally be something that was made pre-60s, as something that has been passed down in the family. I've definitely found a lot of brands, but I'm completely confused by all the choices. Would the rod/reel be American in make, or were foreign manufacturers even imported at the time?

Thank you for any light you may shed on the subject!
Tags: ~hunting

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