Cain (igniocyanide) wrote in little_details,

Inhalable hallucinogen that triggers flashbacks?

I have this story in which the protagonist comes upon a cave; within a few minutes of entering it he starts to have flashbacks of memory. Later he discovers that other people have had the same experience there, only in varying intensity.
What I need is a hallucinogen (or mixture of them), the presence of which in the atmosphere could cause somebody to have flashbacks.

The character was abused as a child, emotionally and physically (not sexually though), and therefore has some quite horrific memories. Hence the cave. (Come to think of it, he's also a chemistry graduate, so he ought to know. I only wish I could ask him...sigh.)

I read a lot of stuff about hallucinogens, and tried Googling 'inhaled hallucinogen memory flashback' and lots of variations on the same theme; it only succeeded in befuddling me more. Any help, please?
Tags: ~recreational drugs
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