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contemporary gaming specifics

Setting: Contemporary North America (mainly Boston area), but one of the characters involved is originally from Manchester, England.

Previous research: Googled various combinations of "hardcore gaming", "video game culture", and similar. Nothing helpful; either it was too simplified and general, or so specific and specialist that a nongamer like me had no hope of understanding it. Suggestions for better search terms very much welcome.

The question:

I have two major characters who are serious gamers (of the video-gaming type, not tabletop-gaming). One is a challenge gamer who's mainly into improving his own scores and skills, the other is more competitive. (If it matters at all, the challenge gamer is British, and is in his early-to-mid-twenties over the course of the story; the competitive gamer is a Boston native, late-teens-to-early-twenties.)

I know next to nothing about video games.

What are some games they might discuss with each other? What are some things they might reasonably boast about ("I beat [x game] in [y hours]", for example, or "I have a score of [z] in [x game]")? Would they each have a preferred console or brand loyalty to a specific console, or might they play on all consoles?

Any similar things a couple gamers might bond over or argue about wouldn't occur to a non-gamer would be very appreciated as well, of course. <3 Thanks in advance for any help at all!
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