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Looking for information on sexual mores in the American Old West

Edit: Due to complicated reasons beyond my control, this project is on
indefinite hiatus. Because of those reasons, I quite honestly don't even want to
think about it at all right now. So, to all those who responded, I want to say
"Thank you" and that I'm sorry I couldn't/didn't respond to each one of you personally.

NOTE: Because I'm honestly not completely sure quite where I'm going with this idea yet, I'm actually looking more for research sources--websites, books, etc.--than I am for specific information (though if you do have any information you'd like to share, I'm always happy to receive it!).

I need to know sort of some general overall information regarding the sexual mores among men of the American Old West, circa the mid-to-late 1800s. (Specifically, the setting is a group of 20-30 men--some young, though, as a "man" back then could have been in his late teens or younger--living and working alone in the reasonably unsettled northwest...and for the record, since I know some people here know my, uh, proclivities: no, they're not having sex with each other, unless I discover info saying that was common! ;-P) What I need to know is, as single men with no women around for them to marry, what would have been the prevailing opinions on sex and genitalia? How common was it for a man to use a prostitute's services, assuming they were readily available to him? Would it have been likely that there was a bawdy-house nearby, or would they have had to travel to a more established town? How were involuntary sexual reactions (erections, nocturnal emissions, etc.) "dealt with" (i.e., I know that by then, both circumcision and various erection-stifling devices and such were becoming popular on the East Coast, but would they have been wanted/cared about, let alone available, in a mainly male-only mountain enclave)? And so on.

As I said, if anyone can suggest literature on the subject (or even video!), that would probably be best, and I'm still not certain where all the details of this story are going. Anything you have is excellent. TIA!

history "nocturnal emission" OR "nocturnal emissions" "old west" 1800s OR "19th century" OR "nineteenth century" OR frontier
history prostitution uncivilized OR "mountain men" "old west" 1800s OR "19th century" OR "nineteenth century" OR frontier
(As you can tell, I'm pretty bad at Googling. If you have suggestions for search strings, those would also be perfectly welcome.)
Tags: 1800s (no decades given), usa: history (misc), ~prostitution, ~sex

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