Trickster (x_trickster_x) wrote in little_details,

12th century amputation, lubrication

Setting: 1191, Jerusalem
Searches: 12th century amputation, history of amputation, crusades amputation

Character A had his arm amputated within a few weeks of the story. What kinds of methods would have been used? I’ve found stuff about the Ancient Greeks and later cauterising, but what would they have done around this time? I can’t find much relating to this time or country (if it was any different, that is). One source I saw mentioned tying off blood vessels- would this be the case?

Secondly, some much more, uh, interesting questions. I probably won’t go down this route but just in case I do, I want to make sure. Ignoring the stigma surrounding homosexuality, what could you use for lubrication around this time?

(Wow, weird set of questions. Obvious fandom is obvious.)

Tags: 1100-1199, israel: history, ~homosexuality: history, ~medicine: historical, ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~middle ages, ~sex

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