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How much would an aristocratic Japanese girl know about sex?

Hello there!

I need your help! How much would an aristocratic Japanese girl know about sex?
Settings : Alternate Universe, a cross between feudal (no sex-ed, no high school life) and modern day Japan (loads of books, mags available, advanced body understanding), and the main character is a girl of 19, from a very old, aristocratic family.

She's the eldest daughter and kinda has the "princess" status. She's supposed to inherit the clan's name, and everyone in the clan/family shows her a great deal of respect (adding -sama after her name,  the elders treating her as a porcelain doll...).

The girl in question is a bit old fashioned, she has received a very proper education, she dresses traditionally.

She's very sweet and gentle, she has male friends, but she's not the kind to openly talk about sex. I'd go as far as to say it might be a bit taboo for her.

She lost her mother when she was young, so while she can't ask her 'tricky' questions, and members of her family tend to shelter her a lot.

She's been in love with a boy for a looooong time, but it has always been a very platonic, one-sided romance.

What would be her  sex -related knowledge? Am I right to assume she'd know next to nothing? She was very busy during her youth, so I don't think she had much time to think/read about sex, and she'd rather die than ask "shameful" questions.

I'm asking you guys, because it's not easy to find stuff about Japanese aristocratic families sex-ed on google. Typing the wrong terms can even lead to some disturbing porn :S

ETA : Thank you!

Tags: japan: history, ~sex

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