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Oxford University scouts; Oxford landmarks in 'Brideshead Revisited'

Scene: Oxford, UK. Summer of 1995.

Situation: Main character works as a scout (i.e. housekeeper and generally omniscient being) at Trinity College. It's a new-ish position for him (less than a year). He receives an unexpected visit from an estranged friend, who has recently left prison.

Already tried: Oxford scouts (brings up boy scout troops), Oxford scout routine, Oxford University housekeeper, Oxford University cleaning, Oxford University personnel, Oxford University employee, Oxford scout tip, Oxford personnel union, etc.

I'm seeking details on two matters: the daily life of a scout, and depictions of Oxford in the 1981 "Brideshead Revisited" miniseries. Questions under the cuts. Some are extraordinarily nitpicky; any help will be welcome!

The Daily Life of a Scout

1. How many dormitory rooms, on average, are assigned to a scout? What other spaces do they maintain?
2. What are typical working hours? Would they ever work overtime? Do they ever participate in evening events, such as Formal Hall? (The University's Personnel Services website says non-academic employees have a work week of 36.5 hours.)
3. Where are supplies (linens, hoovers, bin bags) stored: is there a closet in each staircase, or do all scouts share a separate, central storage space?
4. Where do they eat lunch? In college? In town? Is there some sort of staff room where they can congregate?
5. What other types of employees would they have a rapport with? (Groundskeepers, cooks, etc.)
6. Which entrance would a scout use to get in and out of Trinity College? The front gate? The garden gate? The service gate behind Balliol College (opening on St. Giles)?
7. When/how often do students tip their scouts? I remember simply leaving five pounds at the porter's lodge at the end of term: is this typical? Do scouts just stop by the lodge to pick up cash tips, or does the money go into their paychecks?
8. Do scouts at a given college have any contact/confederation with scouts at other colleges?
9. Are there any special procedures for the end of Trinity term and the arrival of summer programs?
10. If a scout finds evidence of misbehavior in a student's room, to whom does he report it? What sorts of articles are grounds for action? (Excess of alcohol bottles, pornography, overnight guests, etc.)

'Brideshead Revisited' Miniseries

Which major Oxford landmarks appear in the miniseries? As I recall, most of the Oxford scenes take place in private rooms or in dining establishments. Does the miniseries show any easily recognizable sites (e.g. the Sheldonian, the Radcliffe Camera, Tom Tower)? If so, do you recall the scene associated with the landmark?

My thanks for all and any answers!
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