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getting my character onto a moving frigate

Setting: a real-life dreamscape. main character is in a place that is literally a dream. however, it is realistic! also, confusing.

Where/When: modern-day world, but it's all mixed up in this specific environment, so it's okay.

Previous Research: the internet google machina, google images: "frigate" "frigate ladder" "frigate ladder side" "frigate port side ladder" "pilot ladder" "frigate pilot ladder" (because I saw on google images a ladder down the side - is that the pilot ladder? I guessed so, but cannot be sure.)

Tha Question: I've got a character in the sea. She is trying to get onto a frigate going at a decent clip in stormy water.

How does she do it?

I've got a little leeway since this is a dreamscape rather than book!IRL - elements such as Death-Making Waves and Being Killed By Boat should be taken into account (please, tell me what can go wrong! Bad things can happen!) but should also not be so numerous that they completely stop my character from succeeding.

So. She's in the water; the frigate is unmanned (so no one onboard can help her, whee) but moving along. What can she grab onto? Anything she can climb? How would she get up to the deck? She has The Strength Of Desperation and The Immunity Of Plot on her side. Bad things can happen to her, yes, but I need her to live on to the next scene.

(as a bonus, where would there be lifeboats and would she be able to let one down on her own? for herself, that is.)
Tags: ~boats and other things that float

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