Kiki Morah (cataglottisme) wrote in little_details,
Kiki Morah

Describing a fight between a fox and a crow.

I need to describe a fight between a fox and a crow.

Well, it's not exactly a fight, it's more like a lot of barking and cawing, before a human interrupts them.
The crow is chained to the ground and can not fly off. The fox came somehow stumbled upon it.
How would the crow defend itself? I have no clue as to which words to use to describe such a fight.

What kinds of noise does a crow make, when it's fighting/trying to frighten a predator? Caw? Croak? Hiss?
What is its body language?

Same for the fox : bark? hiss? spit? Snap its jaws? Body language, again...

I assume (stupidly?) that if such a fight was to happen (and if the crow can't fly off), the fox would win. Am I wrong? What kind of damage can a crow inflict?
I know for example that the most dangerous thing about a swan attacking is not its beak, but its wings, seeing how they can leave large bruise to grown-up humans.

Googled a lot of things, but the only useful thing I found was a crow cawing recording ;_;
Thank you!

Tags: ~animals (misc)

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